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   Our History

The House of Rescue Church Ministries first began as a Bible Study in Pastor Brown's home in September 2014 with a group of four.  In two and a half months, it grew from a small group to a group of 25.  It was then that Pastor Brown realized that God truly had him on a directed path. In 2015, that same small group of Bible Study participants grew into the House of Rescue Church Ministries.


On May 8, 2016, The House of Rescue Church Ministries had its first church service at the Marriott Hotel in Mobile, AL.  Worship services were held in various locations until it landed on 258B Glenwood Steet, Mobile, AL in August 2016, which is the current location.


The House of Rescue Church Ministries has grown in many ways since its inception.  Affectionately known as HORCM, the church serves the community, fellowships with other churches, and continues to be a beacon of light and hope to all that she encounters.  By the grace of God, our members are growing both numerically and spiritually.  HORCM consistently  strives to be the light on the hill whereby the people of God will be redemeemed, renewed, and restored.

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