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House of Rescue Church Ministries

Apostle Clarence Brown, Jr., Pastor

726 Elba Ave. Whistler, AL. 36612

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Weekly Services

Join us every Wednesday evening and Sunday morning as we worship and study God's Word.  Though we are enduring many changes, our commitment to teaching and sharing the Gospel is the same. We remain diligent and shall cry out all the more!  Be our guest in person or on our Facebook page.

Clarence Brown Jr.

Pastor Clarence Brown is a man of God who strives and seeks to please God. His goal is for God to use him to up-build the kingdom of God. Pastor Brown was born to Clarence Brown III and Mable E. Brown in Mobile, AL in 1971. Raised in the inner city urban area of Mobile AL, Pastor Brown found himself struggling to stay focused and out of the streets. But God had a plan for his life. In 1996 he gave his life over to God. On January 16, 2011 he accepted his call into ministry. Pastor Brown believes that we are all imperfect people, perfected through God’s grace and mercy. His passion for people to discover God's true love is what led him to pastoral-ship. He later became the Founder of House of Rescue Church Ministries.

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August 29, 2020 Worship Service

September 2, 2020 Virtual Bible Study

Tune in at

6:30pm for your

Mid-Week Refuel!

August 23, 2020 Worship Service

August 26, 2020 Virtual Bible Study

Tune in at

*8:00am for Sunday School & *9:00am for Worship Service

this Sunday!

(*Note time change for this week!)

August 16, 2020 Worship Service

August 19, 2020 Virtual Bible Study

August 5, 2020 Virtual Bible Study


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